These definitions were used by the JJERC in the Provincial Job Fact sheets and the Rationale documentation for rating the different factors.

Administrative Skills   performing interviews (selection and interview process), input into hiring, performance appraisals, working knowledge of collective agreements, department budgeting, strategic planning, department policy and procedure development.
Bookkeeping   recording of accounts or transactions.
Clients, Patients, Residents   Those requiring/receiving health care services.
Communicate   to convey knowledge of or information about.
Computer: Advanced   install, configure and manage hardware, software and networks; perform systems analysis and design; develop computer programs; and provide end-user technical support.
Computer: Basic   access programs and files, maneuver in a Windows environment, use e-mail and internet.
Computer: Intermediate   create/edit/save/send documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, attachments.
Counsel   professionally trained (e.g. Social Worker, Clergy) in human relations skills which include such skills as empathy, sensitivity, understanding of human and organizational behaviour, motivational techniques and counseling skills.
Data Entry: Advanced   200 keystrokes per minute
Data Entry: Intermediate   140 keystrokes per minute
General: Advanced   being beyond elementary or introductory; greatly developed beyond an initial stage.
General: Basic   a fundamental starting point
General: Intermediate   to show clearly; to prove or make clear by reasoning or evidence.
Interpersonal   relating to or involving relations between persons
Keyboarding: Advanced   55 words per minute
Keyboarding: Basic   25 words per minute
Keyboarding: Intermediate   40 words per minute
Leadership   providing direction or guidance
Recognized   formally acknowledged

Final JJERC Report - February 4, 2005