Initiate a Maintenance Request

Documentation required and process to follow for all changed and new jobs submitted to the Provider Group Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Process.

Changed Job:

(Process for an employee(s) requesting to be reclassified to a new job or another existing job in the plan)

  Job Review Request Form (Blank)

Provincial Job Description (PJD) (Amended from the PJD the incumbent is currently in) Provincial Job Descriptions

Provincial Job Fact Sheet (PJFS) (Amended from the PJFS the incumbent is currently in) Provincial Job Fact Sheets


New Job:

(Process for Employers to create new jobs – no employee(s) attached to submission)

Draft Job Description

  Job Review Request Form (Blank)

  Provincial Job Fact Sheet

Documents must be reviewed and commented on by either the OOS Supervisor or employee(s), whichever is applicable. (e.g., if an employee initiates the Maintenance request, the OOS Supervisor is the “Reviewer”; if an OOS Supervisor initiates the Maintenance request, the employee(s) is the “Reviewer”).

Completed documents are forwarded to employer Human Resources department. Employer Human Resources department provides a copy to the local Union and forwards a copy to the Joint Job Evaluation Maintenance Committee (JJEMC) Assistant.

The JJEMC Assistant will arrange to meet with the Human Resources department and the local Union to discuss (three-party meeting) the maintenance request.